Stevie's Art

Stevie Laney was born and raised in Northern California. For 9 years she lived in San Francisco where she attended the Academy of Art University, graduating with a BFA in Illustration. She now lives in Philadelphia, PA and continues to be inspired by the fashion, the architecture, and the people of Philadelphia that gives her work an urban energy.

Coming from a family of artists, her grandmother and father were the first to spark her artistic curiosity. Stevie continued to explore the illustrative techniques that are seen in her work today, both in her fashion work as well as her children’s book work. During her time at the Academy, Stevie spent a year in France where she quickly became influenced by French culture. She is intrigued by the look of spontaneity, lost and found edges, and the concept of allowing the viewer to fill in the lines through imagination. She often times uses a chopstick dipped in ink in order to achieve the look of inconsistent lines. Her philosophies regarding her technique gives her work a loose style with a quality of design that creates movement and bold expression.

Individual influences include David Downton, Gladys Perint Palmer, J.C Leyendecker, Rene Grauau, Carol Nunnely, Gustav Klimt, and Egon Schiele.